Art Decor with Stories and Painting.
A unique Furniture and Interior Decoration concept that blends Decoration with Art.

Distinctive in its way of Being, every created ambiance and every piece of furniture embodies the wisdom that results in the differentiation and identification of the Bela7 style.


Pieces of furniture designed by the artist to be added to other pieces that you already have decorating your house.
Turning your furniture into true pieces of design, by making small changes and using distinctive details, is one of the greatest challenges that the artist embraces in order to add surprise and charm to your spaces without losing the essence of its soul.
All pieces of designed furniture are part of a limited collection, which are numbered and signed.  You can replace the images on the furniture by customising and adapting them to new ambiances.

Interior decoration

In a game of Mystery, History and Colour, the artist proposes to decorate and colour all those small spaces of your life that you feel have something lacking, in a style all her own.

‚ÄúSometimes two small pieces are enough, just to give a different look to the space “- the artist states, the transformation of furniture and the conjugation of old pieces with new ones being what she likes to do more than anything, so that the essence is not lost.